Mental Health Services & Access

Anthony is laser-focused on improving our system of mental health services by increasing access, greater affordability, and raising awareness of the needs and benefits of mental health services. Anthony's vision of mental health services goes beyond major psychiatric intervention. One of the insights gleaned during the COVID-19 lockdown revealed that a majority of people, adults and children, really needed the type of help found in therapy with licensed professionals. Anthony recognizes the need to dispel the stigma surrounding therapy in Black and brown communities.  One of his core ideas is normalizing the idea that therapy for everyone, to use at any point with ease, and with access to different approaches and concentrations based on specific needs These are sensitive subjects that our communities do not talk about in a positive way. Anthony knows that many mental health issues run in tandem with substance use disorders (SUD) often as a coping mechanism or a way to self-medicate while avoiding professional help. Anthony believes that mental health services are a long term investment into helping adults and children become the best versions of themselves.